A Brief History Of Magnum Boots

Hi-Tec Sports was originally founded back in 1974 by Frank Van Wezel in Essex. The company's initial success came off the back of their first ever shoe, the Hi-Tec Squash, which went on to become Britain's best selling sports shoe of all time. (so far recording sales of over 18 million pairs worldwide!)

In 1982 Hi-Tec receive a request from the FBI training centre at Quantico, Virginia, USA, for a lightweight & athletic black tactical boot. Their officers had been wearing the Hi-Tec 'Sierra Lite Hiking boot' but what they really needed was an all black, high-leg version with a polishable toe. This request gave birth to both the original tactical boot and the name Hi-Tec Magnum.

By 1983 the tactical boot was on the market and, with the endorsement of the FBI, more and more law enforcement and security personnel wanted the comfort and lightweight of this trainer inspired boot. With the huge success of this boot, requests inevitably started coming in for more specific requirements, eventually leading to mid-cut, waterproof, and steel-toe variations.

In response to increased international demand for their tactical footwear, Magnum's first ever global footwear collection was launched in 1990. In order to keep abreast of all these constantly changing international police & security markets, in 1998 Magnum established its Magnum Advisory Committee. The MAC is comprised of members of the various emergency services and military forces who work alongside Magnum's development team. These emergency professionals offer invaluable advice and testing on all new footwear developments in their day-to-day work environment to ensure all Magnum footwear is truly 'fit for purpose'.

In 2001 Magnum finally broke away from Hi-Tec to become a brand in it's own right.

Since then Magnum has gone from strength to strength, introducing a string of hugely successful boots and technologies, including the Elite range, the Stealth Force series, Ion-Mask waterproofing technology, all the way up to the present with the staggeringly lightweight MACH 2 boot.