Magnum Boots Ion-Mask Technology

Ion-mask™ technology is a true breakthrough for patrol footwear material & construction, the process was originally developed for military clothing to combat against chemical agents.

Working at a molecular level, it binds invisibly to the surface of products, giving them a stunning ability to repel most liquids. This can be all be done without affecting the look or the feel of the boot. 
Magnum boots featuring ion-mask offer 6 main advantages over other police & military footwear:

Magnum Ion-Mask is Waterproof


Special polymers infuse into the boots at a sub-microscopic scale. This means that every single fibre is given a coating of water-repellent polymer that is only a few molecules thick.
Magnum Ion-Mask is Hydrophobic


The ion-mask™ process means that as the fibres become repellent, they therefore become non-absorbent. This applies even to open-weave materials.
Magnum Ion-Mask is Breathable


The entire boot is treated inside and out, eliminating the need for a waterproof membrane, so the shoe is as breathable before the process as after.
Magnum Ion-Mask is Lightweight


The boot is also lighter than its membrane equivalent.
The treated boot will not gain weight in wet conditions as the material no longer retains water.
Magnum Ion-Mask is Stay Clean

Stay Clean

ion-mask™ enhancement also helps to keep footwear cleaner longer.
Like water, the treatment helps to repel dirt and therefore reduce staining.
Magnum Ion-Mask is Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Tiny quantities of chemicals are used, with minimal waste, so the process is highly-efficient compared with traditional methods or membrane technologies.
See Magnum boots ion-mask technology in action: