Lowa Size Guide

UK 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10½ 11 11½ 12 12½ 13 14 15
EU 36 36½ 37 37½ 38 39 39½ 40 41 41½ 42 42½ 43½ 44 44½ 45 46 46½ 47 48 48½ 49½ 51
Foot Length mm 223 227 231 235 239 243 248 252 256 260 264 268 272 276 281 285 290 294 298 302 306 315 323


A few top tips to obtain the best fit:

  • Try the boots on at the end of your working day as your feet could have increased by up to half a size due to vigorous activity.
  • Always wear your chosen socks when trying on footwear.
  • Please remember that LOWA boots are available in half sizes.
  • Fit the larger foot first but leave it unlaced. Push your foot as far forward in the boot as possible; you are now looking for a gap of approx 10mm in the space now left behind the heel.
  • Put the other boot on and lace them both up with your heel well back into the heel counters. They should feel snug around the ball and instep of your feet without having to lace them too tightly.
  • Walk up and down and experience slight heel lift only, and minimum foot slippage. You should not feel the front of the boot at all, even when trying to push your foot forward inside the boot.
  • Boots may become a little wider in time (but do not rely on this when purchasing).
  • All boots, however comfy they feel from new, need a little time to soften up.

UK Sizes

Length difference from full size to full size = 8.46 mm (half size to next size = 4.23 mm).

Standard Last

Ball of the foot width increases max 3 mm from full size to next full size (half size to next size = max 1.5mm).

Wide Fitting Last

If choosing a wide fitting boot then the following width dimensions are added to the standard width: Ball of the foot width increases 2 mm on each size. Toe volume and instep height increases also.

Foot Length

If using your foot length as your guide (choose your longest foot), then add 10 mm before converting to UK size, to allow adequate length inside the boot. This is classed as the Mondopoint measuring system.